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Internet Based Progress Billing For Your Construction Industry

  • Industry Proven
  • Streamlined Billing Process
  • Monitor All Aspects Of Your Billing Cycle
  • Increase Cash Flow Through Efficiency
  • Easy to Get Started · Easy to Keep Using
  • Green Construction Billing System
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  • Reduce man hours by cutting out piles of paperwork
  • Eliminate pricey calculation errors
  • Increase cash flow through efficiency


  • Automate all paperwork throughout billing life cycle
  • Manage and store all project documentation
  • Reduce confusion by automating the approval process


  • Increase Profits
  • Increase Growth
  • Increase Productivity

Reduce Your Cost Of Doing Business

Become more profitable by doing more with less

  • Manage invoices and change orders effectively
  • Collaborate with your project team effectively
  • Submit accurate billings on demand
  • Provide immediate feedback on submitted items
  • Stop pushing paper through the office
  • Mandate required documentation during submission
  • Track project costs from the job site, office or home
  • Identify issues before they become problems