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What is GCPay?

GCPay is an internet-based software solution for all parties involved in the construction billing process. Companies exchange the original schedule of values, payment applications, change orders, lien waivers and other construction documentation in an electronic format to provide a PAPERLESS ALTERNATIVE TO CONSTRUCTION BILLING. GCPay mimics the process of current workflow without the added hassle and lengthy turnaround of transferring paper documents or notebooks throughout various offices. GCPay provides integrations with other programs to eliminate redundant data entry. Additionally, 24-hour customer support is available seven days a week for all clients at no charge.

Where did GCPay come from?

GCPay, a Virginia based limited liability company, was founded by our two founders, Sherwood Creedle,CPA and Michael Petersen. The partners recognized inefficiencies with the paper based construction-billing process and saw an opportunity for improvement in 2002. Through product evolution GCPay.com is now a COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION BILLING MANAGEMENT system, including vendors, suppliers, contractors, public and private owners, architects, auditors, and financial institutions.


Registration is Quick and Easy. Click Get Started and register your company. Once registration is complete you will have the ability to create their jobs, add subcontractors to the jobs, or be added to jobs by private or public owners in the website. As a registered subcontractor you will be immediately visible to General Contractors and Construction Managers across the United States. Web-based training is available at no cost and can be scheduled by emailing support@gcpay.com. Already registered? Click Here to Login